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Jai’s Adventure

With everything going on in our busy lives it can be rare that you come across one person, let alone a whole group of people, that can make you stop in your tracks and bring a smile to your face like no other at their bravery, determination and inspiration.

Late last year Interrailingpackages were contacted by Greg Howell who wanted to arrange a trip for his two sons Jai and Dru, and Jai’s carer Olivia.  Jai has Cerebral Palsy and very limited mobility. He travels in a wheelchair and to be honest I was really worried about how any potential trip might come together.

The group wanted to take an epic adventure across Europe Interrailing. They wanted to travel for 4 weeks visiting 11 cities across 8 countries inspired by Jai’s dad Greg who had taken a similar journey some years back.

With a bit of organisation and a bit of work we successfully put the trip together for the guys and sent them on their travels.  There were many concerns: would accommodation be suitable for their needs? Would there be adequate facilities at the train stations to get them on/off trains? Would there be too many steps…?  Most of all I worried that with so many potential difficulties, would the guys simply have to abandon their trip and come home?

What we in Interrailingpackages witnessed between the 1st and 30th of August 2018 was nothing short of sensational.  We watched a group of young people set out to complete what must have been a very difficult journey at times.  Well… not only did they complete it, but they completed it with joy, with a sense of adventure and with a wonderful sense of pride.

Whilst they did encounter difficulties along the way, they approached everything with positivity, a sense of determination and a sense of love… a love for someone that was so deep that the group were not going to let anything stand in the way of a dream.

I would urge everyone, to please check out Phabs articles on Jai’s journey and the great work they do. But most of all, take a look at those who stand as a wonderful example to the rest of us.

“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” – Christopher Reeve

Well done Olivia, Dru, Jai, Greg & the Phab Team- thank you so much, from Interrailingpackages