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Destination inspiration: Kutná Hora

Just an hour from Prague is a silver mining town quite like no other in the world – it is Kutná Hora. One of the Czech Republic’s most popular destinations.


Part of this medieval city’s fame is that it is home to the wondrous Sedlec Ossuary aka the Church of Bones, so called because it is artistically decorated by over 40.000 human skeletons.


Yip, that’s right, human bones. One of the church’s most notable decorations is the big chandelier of bones, which contains at least one of every human bone. Another notable piece is artwork is the Schwarzenberg family coat of arms, again made of human bones. Other items include two large bone chalices, four baroque bone candelabras, six enormous bone pyramids and two bone monstrances as well as looping chains of bone strung throughout the interior.


Sounds macabre (and it is, a bit) but it’s also a peaceful church, and certainly unique.


While the Church of Bones may be one of the Kutná Hora’s most famous sites, do take the time to have a wider look around – the centre of the city was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1995 as a result of its its historical and architectural importance. Top attractions include the silver museum based in the 700-year old Hrádek building, the Italian court, the Cathedral of St Barbara and Barborská Street (pictured) with its beautiful views and row of 13 statues of saint.


Well worth squeezing in a day trip from Prague if you can.


Image of Kutná Hora by flickr user xiquinhosilva. Image of Sedlec Ossuary by Milan Boers. All images used under the Creative Commons licence: