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60 nights

from $6305.00


Dive headlong into the journey of a lifetime, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed TV series “Race Across the World.” Are you prepared to push your boundaries, chart unexplored paths, and fully immerse yourself in the myriad cultures our world offers? Undertake an exhilarating quest that will stretch your limits, challenge your ingenuity, and reshape your perception of travel. It’s your moment to craft your personal epic travel narrative, true to the spirit of “Race Across the World.”

28 nights

from $3360.00


This is the Big Kahuna of interrailing trips. If you have a month, visit 10 countries and 12 cities on a route that takes you through Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Ljubljana, Split, Rome, Florence, Nice, and Paris before finishing up in London.

28 nights

from $3560.00


If you want to do Europe properly and see as much as possible in one month, this is your package. Starting in London, you’ll journey to Paris, Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and London. This is one of our bestsellers – no wonder why!

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7 nights

from $890.00


An enchanting rail journey awaits, whisking you through the captivating Eastern European cities of Prague, Krakow, and Budapest. This delightful tour offers the perfect opportunity for travelers looking to experience the charm of European train travel in a brief yet memorable excursion. Immerse yourself in rich history and create indelible memories on these remarkable train voyages!

7 nights

from $895.00


“Classic Europe” beckons if you’re eager to venture through three remarkable European capitals in just one week. Discover our package that guides you from Prague to Berlin and onwards to Amsterdam, offering the quintessential short interrail itinerary you’ve been searching for.

14 nights

from $1710.00


Embark on a whirlwind tour of six countries and seven incredible cities in a mere two weeks, commencing your journey in Amsterdam and concluding in the enchanting city of Paris. Your adventure will encompass traversing Europe and experiencing some of its most stunning destinations.

21 nights

from $2635.00


Let yourself be inspired by a three-week Mediterranean rail journey that traverses some of the most breathtaking coastal regions in Europe. Commence your adventure in Valencia and conclude your excursion in Sorrento, where you can discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast like never before.

7 nights

from $1250.00


Want to take in the best sights of Italy in just a week? Our Little Italy tour takes you to all the highlights going from Rome, to Florence, to Venice. It also includes tour tickets in all three cities so you can get the most out of your time there. A free train back to Rome at the end is available on request.

7 nights

from $855.00


Are you into European history? This week-long adventure takes you through three critical cities in European history. Start in Berlin before heading to the Czechia capital of Prague, and then onward to the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

10 nights

from $1580.00


If you’re interested in experiencing the vibrant cities of Spain, France, and the Netherlands within a 10-day timeframe, be sure to consider our Spirit of Europe package. The adventure begins in Madrid, the capital of Spain, continues to the picturesque coastal city of Barcelona, and then takes you north to the romantic city of Paris before concluding in Amsterdam.

10 nights

from $1645.00


If you prefer to commence and conclude your journey in London without the need for air travel, our Essence of Europe package offers a circular route that includes stops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Frankfurt, and Bruges, ultimately returning you to London St. Pancras International Station.

14 nights

from $1910.00


Embark on a two-week adventure that takes you through the vibrant cities of London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana, Venice, Rome, and Paris, before returning to London. This tour is renowned for its thoroughness and popularity, making it one of our bestsellers for a reason!

10 nights

from $1445.00


Spain is often overlooked on interrailing itineraries, but not this one! Our Spanish Fiesta explores four major Spanish cities in just 10 nights. Start and ending in Barcelona, you’ll visit Valencia, Seville, and the capital Madrid!

7 nights

from $985.00


Are you keen to discover three of Europe’s most celebrated capitals in just a week? Our Cityscape package provides an ideal introduction to interrailing, leading you from the enchanting streets of Paris to the captivating Amsterdam, and wrapping up in the vibrant ambiance of Berlin.

10 nights

from $1315.00


Looking to experience the real Game of Thrones while traveling around breath-taking Croatia? Our Kings Landing package starts and ends in Split, and takes you to Plitvice, Zadar, Dubrovnik, before returning to Split.

10 nights

from $1515.00


Visiting Italy is a must when heading to Europe and this La Dolce Vita package squeezing four cities into 10 nights. Start and end in Rome before heading up to Florence, onto La Spezia for the coastal CInque Terre, across to Venice, before returning to Rome. There are tons of tours including in this package as well!

14 nights

from $2240.00


Want to hit up the main sights across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland? Spend two weeks exploring Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Galway, and Belfast, with a route full of included tours to show off Ireland’s natural beauty and complex history.

14 nights

from $2900.00


Home to some of the world’s most spectacular mountain train routes, our Swiss Experience package is a bucket list experience. Encompassing Zurich, Interlaken, Brig, St Moritz, Lugano, Lucerne, Bern, and Geneva, it’s a one-of-a-kind adventure.

14 nights

from $2305.00


If you want to explore the beautiful Greek island, including home of the Acropolis, Athens in 14 days, check out our Greek Island Hopper package. Starting in Athens, and visiting Instagram's favorite's Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and Santorini, and capping off your journey in Athens again.

28 nights

from $3165.00


If you’ve ever dreamed of embarking on an interrailing adventure across Europe at least once in your lifetime, look no further than “The Adventurer” interrailing package. This exhilarating journey is our most action-packed trip and stands as the second most popular package of all time.

21 nights

from $2635.00


Feel inspired by this 3-week essential Europe package, tracing the continent’s culture. Start your adventure in London and head across to Paris, then south to Nice, across to the Eternal City, Rome, up to beautiful Venice, across to Ljubljana, then head north to Vienna, Prague and Berlin, before traversing to Amsterdam and back to London.

21 nights

from $2570.00


Our Fjords and Fairy tales package takes on an adventure through Scandinavia and the Baltics, visiting 8 of Northern Europe’s best cities! Arrive in Copenhagen, a city everyone wants to tick off their bucket list, from there you will visit Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga!


60 nights

from $6595.00



The ultimate European trip you’ve been waiting for!  Our 60 night lets go Europe vacation covers 20 Beautiful destinations, in 16 European countries. With some city hotspots included, we can guarantee a trip of a of a lifetime! Starting and finishing in London.

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