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Blogger Diaries- Day 2 Kutna Hora

We got up for an early start to the day to fit everything there is to see in, and made our way down to the free hotel breakfast. What a spread! Cheese, meats, fruit, cereal, bread eggs and sausages all laid out! We ate as much as we could fit in and set out for the Sedlec Ossurary, a 12th Century Catholic Chapel, with a basement decorated with the bones of 60,000 people 😱

The church of the assumption, another famous church in Kutna Hora was around 100m away from the Ossuary, so we headed that way next. It was a huge church, but not a lot else going on. So on we went down towards the town centre, into a shop to raid the bakery section (mainland Europe bakery sections put the ones at home to shame) and on towards St Barbaras Cathedral to check it out in the daylight. Its all sign posted really well.

On the way there we thought we’d check with the police if it was okay to fly the drone. We went in and asked, watched them Google it for 15 minutes and they told us it was grand to work away 😂 We found an open street with a good vantage point and flew the drone up for a few shots, then headed on for some food with a view of St Barbara’s. We both got traditional Czech smoked pork and dumplings, with a hot drink. The drinks and views were lovely but the same can’t be said for the food 👀

Once we got that down us, we went for a few more drone shots of St Barbara’s and WOW! They turned out amazing! After standing about with the drone we couldn’t get in out of the cold quick enough! The cathedral was just as impressive inside as out! The Gothic architecture stretches in through the windows and up the walls of the cathedral like ivy up a tree. We tried to get out onto the ‘secret’ balcony but it must’ve been closed due to the icy weather. After all those steps and dandering about the streets some more we went for a coffee and a bun in a local bakery, and planned what to do next. We found out that Kutna Hora was founded was a silver mining town, and had a Silver Museum with a replica mine! After more dilly dallying and with the sun setting we found the museum and went to open the door and it was locked! We either missed the opening hours or it was closed today! We didn’t mind, it meant a little more time to explore the beautiful streets of Kutna Hora!

That ticks off the checklist for things to see and do in Kutna Hora, so it was time to head back and get packed and ready to move onto Cesky Krumlov tomorrow!!