Are Eurail Trips Suitable for Families?

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Are Eurail Trips Suitable for Families?

yes, eurail trips are suitable for families! 


Many people think that Eurailing is something only young people do to explore as much of Europe as they possibly can in one trip. Ok, this may be your average Eurailer, but many families are now breaking this mold. Traveling with a Eurail pass is actually one of the most cost-effective and enjoyable ways to travel, especially if you have young children.

Do you need more convincing? Here are some of the reasons why all families should consider a Eurail trip at least once in their lifetime!

Fewer security checks and long waits

Let’s start with an obvious one. Everyone hates standing in those long airport security lines and going through the draining boarding process, a particularly grueling part of the process for families. When you travel with a Eurail pass, it removes the need to stand in any queue! All you need to do is, get your family to the platform and on the train once it arrives.

When you travel with a Eurail pass, you may need to reserve seats in advance for some of the trains. However, if you book a Eurail package with us, train reservations are included in the package price, meaning families (and any traveler for that matter) have one less thing to worry about! Check out our packages. 

Freedom to move around and play games

Traveling via train offers so much more freedom to move around, unlike on planes where you have to stay seated unless you’re getting up to use the bathroom. This makes trains perfect for those families with restless children. There is more room to stretch your legs, walk around, switch seats, whatever you want! If you’re lucky enough to be seated at a table, you could play games to keep your kids occupied on longer journies. Families can make memories at every stage of their Eurail trip!

REMEMBER: Unlike planes, trains typically only allow a few minutes for passengers to alight, so ensure you have packed up well before you’re due to get off, especially if your children are easily distracted.

No restrictions with luggage! 

When families are traveling, packing light is somewhat impossible. If you need a stroller, snacks, backpacks for each child, it can be a nightmare trying to get everything into the tiny overhead compartment. On trains, there are no luggage limits, providing it fits and you can carry it all yourself without assistance. But don’t take this as being okay to take as much as you can carry, as the amount of luggage you carry will have a direct impact on how hassle-free your journey is going to be.

Traveling with a Eurail pass can be exciting for families

Trains have the ability to bring out everyone and anyone’s inner child. Everyone in the family will be intrigued and excited by the train journies, whether you’re fascinated by the mechanics of a train, tunnels, and bridges or the scenery outside. There is always something to look at when you’re on a train.

Pack a picnic or bring your own snacks

Definitely one of the best parts of Eurail trips for families, as there are no liquid or food restrictions on trains. This is perfect for those families who may have special dietary requirements or baby food formula. If you plan ahead, you could even pack a picnic to keep the entire family and bank account, happier! Does anyone actually enjoy the food they serve on planes?

Going direct to the heart of the city! 

One of the best parts about taking a Eurail trip is that most of the trains take you directly to the heart of the city. Very convenient for families as most hotels and other accommodation will be within walking distance. If not, public transport or cabs are waiting close by for the last leg of the journey. The cost-saving benefits of the arrival points are a big bonus for family travel, and entering a new city by ground allows for a memorable walk to their accommodation.

Families taking Eurail trips will find that it’s a more convenient way to travel and can save a lot of money. Make your vacations more memorable with EurailingPackages, when you book a trip through us, accommodation, rail transport, and 24/7 support is included in every package. Have a look at our pre-designed packages or build your family’s dream Eurail trip, today!