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Romantic Cities in Europe

Most Romantic Places in Europe Other Than Paris 

Europe has many cities that make for a perfect romantic vacation with your significant other, and a lot of people go for the most obvious city, Paris. But why settle for the obvious option? Many cities in Europe are equally as romantic as Paris and we are going to tell you all about it. So, whether you’re planning your honeymoon, a short but sweet break or a Valentine’s Day surprise, here are the most romantic cities in Europe other than Paris!

Venice, Italy 

romantic cities in europe venice

It’s hard to describe Venice without the word ‘romantic’ immediately coming to mind. From the pastel buildings reflecting in the quiet canals to gondola rides allowing you to explore the city from a completely different perspective, every inch of Venice oozes romance. Despite it being overrun by mass tourism, Venice still is a popular destination for a romantic vacation in Europe.

Florence, Italy

church in middle of the city under clear sky

Florence is another of Italy’s most loved destinations, and it’s the final Italian city on our most romantic places in Europe list, we promise. This Renaissance gem is where many people choose to tie the knot, even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the not here! Florence offers some of the world’s greatest art treasures, amazing shopping streets, a vibrant restaurant scene and plenty of opportunities for some aimless wandering with your other half.

Rome, Italy, 

romantic cities in europe rome

With its cobbled streets, delicious gelaterias, authentic Italian food, and some of the most amazing sights that you will ever see in any European city, Rome makes for the perfect backdrop to your romantic trip! When you finally visit the Eternal City, you will understand why it’s number one on our list! The city is very walkable, and there are plenty of scenic backdrops for dalliance and declarations.

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Mont Saint-Michels, France

Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana is the smallest city on our most romantic places in Europe list. Despite being small and compact, there’s a plentitude of things to do and see and is currently on many people’s bucket lists. The city is known for being calm and tranquil and lies within close proximity to the stunning Lake Bled which is pictured above. Here, you can visit two of the most romantic destinations in Europe on one trip! Take a pletna to Bled island and visit the church and island café.

Budapest, Hungary, 

romantic cities in europe budapest

Budapest is another incredible city on our most romantic cities in Europe list. Defined by the rich history and cut in two by the Danube River, many travelers run themselves ragged exploring everything that Budapest has to offer, which is fine if that’s your travel style as there are a lot of major sights to see! But if you want to find the romance here, slow down the pace and embrace the city’s unique, gilded charms. Budapest is famous for its baths, all with natural healing properties, so you must visit at least one of the many baths while you’re here.

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Madrid, Spain

city scale under blue sky

Madrid is one of those places in Europe made for romantic moments. Start your day off by cozying up to cocktails at one of the many cafés in Plaza de la Paja, then spend your afternoon searching for the perfect place to eat tapas. Thanks to the beautiful architecture of the city, floral green spaces and emphasis on wine, Madrid may just be one of Europe’s most romantic capital cities! Stroll hand in hand, admiring the beautiful monuments and streets that are certain to inspire amor!

Prague Czech Republic

romantic cities in europe prague

Prague is one of the most romantic, affordable and magical cities in Eastern Europe. From the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from the Charles Bridge or Prague Castle to the Old Town Square, often the city is compared to Paris because there is romance everywhere you turn. Start your exploring in the Old Town Square and take a walk along the cobbled streets to see where you end up. Prague is sure to steal a piece of your heart from the moment you arrive!

Barcelona, Spain 

skyscraper view at daytime

If you’re looking for a city that can offer everything you expect on a city break, as well as a beach break, Barcelona is one of the most romantic cities in Europe for you! This magical city is the perfect place to eat, drink, relax, admire views and wander down Las Ramblas, and to be absorbed with your other half! Climb the stairs of the Sagrada Familia together and spend some time in Parc Güell before your weekend getaway comes to an end.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

coastal rocks during daytime

Croatia is creeping to the top of the most popular holiday destination list as more and more tourists choose to take a holiday here every year. Dubrovnik is one of the more popular cities and happens to be one of the most romantic cities in Croatia and Europe as a whole! The Old Town will send you back in time, along cobbled streets lined by noble Baroque stone buildings. Outside of the city walls, you will see the deep blue Adriatic sea and trendy beaches making for the perfect place to relax on your romantic break.

Bruges, Belgium

boats on river surrounded with building at daytime

Bruges is a charming destination at any time of the year, but its intimate atmosphere is especially felt during the autumn and winter months and this is why it had to feature on our most romantic cities in Europe list. It truly is a European city like no other, the swans on the canals, the winding medieval lanes and cobblestone squares all contribute to the romantic ambiance of the city. Tucked away in the southern end of Bruges is the area of Minnewater, the main attraction here is the Lake of Love and Lovers Bridge, a great place to visit with someone you love in this tranquil area.

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