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Positano is a cliffside village located on the Amalfi Coast to the South of Italy. Upon first glance, Positano almost resembles a giant pyramid, with traditional and colorful buildings and boutique hotels built on every level.

Positano was a wealthy market port that played host to medieval deals in fish trade and other resources, and since the time of the Roman Empire has been a resort destination which grew hugely popular in the 1950’s – and has been somewhat of a tourist hub ever since.

Church of Santa Maria

The church of Santa Maria s most photographed and recognizable structure in Positano, but most people skip visiting the inside. Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta is free to enter and it’s worth your time. This storied church features a Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna and Child & was once part of a monastery.

Hike the Path of Gods

As a traditional cliffside town, there are of course the expected beaches and cliffs which draw nature lovers from far and wide. Take a walk along the cliff and look back on Positano in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the fruit trees, the variety of colored buildings and the sparkling blue of the sea below.

For more enthusiastic hikers there’s the Path of Gods route (Sentiero degli Dei in Italian). The hike is moderate difficulty and it takes 3 hours one way, then you can return by bus or walk back.



Hotel Villa Bellavista

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