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Killarney is located in the southwestern region of Ireland and is adorned by lakes and hills and is like a heavenly abode for tourists. The Cleanliness of the city even when there is huge footfall throughout the year needs to be mentioned. The scenic beauty and the peacefulness of the city are like none other all over Ireland. This is a must-visit spot for tourists, especially nature lovers from over the world. This is also sometimes referred to as Ireland’s adventure Capital.

Top 5 reasons to visit Killarney.

Outdoor Adventure

Killarney is the ideal place to explore the bucolic Irish landscape, with many walking, cycling, and driving tours available. You can also explore your adventurous edge, including canyoning and waterfall jumping right in Killarney National Park.

Life on the Water

No matter how short your stay, you must get out on the water, whether it’s a boat trip to Ross Castle or other area attractions, kayaking through the Killarney Lakes, or heading to the ocean in nearby Kenmare. There is canoeing, surfing, sailing, and stand up paddle boarding, among the many ways to enjoy the water.

Unique Accommodation Options

Forget bland chain hotels – staying in Killarney or the area is your chance to experience the best of Irish country living. There are picturesque resorts like the beautiful Carrig Country House, ideally situated on Caragh Lake overlooking the Kerry mountains, cute B&Bs in town, and many more such as Cahernane House Hotel, a 19th-century mansion that is now a 5-star resort.

Everything from Comfort Foods to Fine Dining

Many hotels include a classic Irish breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, and potatoes fried in butter, and you’ll have to try at least one sumptuous Irish tea from one of the area’s many tearooms, including those at Dinis Cottage, Deenagh Lodge, and Ross Castle too. The tourist industry has attracted many international chefs to Killarney. Fresh seafood is king of many menus, including lobster and freshwater fish like trout, along with produce, cheeses, and other dairy products from area farms.


There are many ways to explore centuries of history in Killarney, including the Innisfallen Monastery that dates from the 6th century and iconic Ross Castle, built in the 15th century. There are centuries-old cathedrals and many other sites to explore.



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