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With the city’s skyline, cobbled streets and colourful characters as your backdrop, your favourite memories happened right here. Are you ready for more? There’s so many ways to embrace the city, explore, have fun on your doorstep and write new stories to revisit in years to come.

Edinburgh Castle

With over 1.56 million visitors going through its gates every year, the Castle overlooks the city from the summit of Castle Hill offering superb views of Edinburgh’s historic centre.

The Castle Rock has rocky cliffs on three of its sides and the fort is only accessible by climbing the steep Castlehill, located on the Royal Mile, the Old Town’s main artery that runs from the Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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Edinburgh Museum

The Edinburgh Museum is housed in an enormous and magnificent sixteenth-century mansion called Huntly House. The building is also known as The Speaking House because of the Latin inscriptions on its façade.

The vast mansion houses a variety of items related to Edinburgh’s history and legends, including objects made of silver, ceramic and glass. Moreover, there are several remarkable articles, for example, the original drawings of the New Town or a miniature of the Old Town dating from the sixteenth century, from the time of Mary, Queen of Scots.

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