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Interrail vs Eurail Pass Explained

Understanding the differences between an Interrail and Eurail pass

Many travelers choose to explore Europe by rail. It’s a money saver, less hassle and an easier way to travel. There are two different types, a Eurail pass or an Interrail pass. While they are both very similar, some have important differences.

Do I choose an Interrail or a Eurail pass? 

As a traveler, you don’t get to choose which of the two tickets you want to buy. An Interrail pass is for residents of Europe and some border countries, and a Eurail pass is for everyone else.

Where can I travel with my pass?

For Eurail customers, you can travel in up to 31 European countries! New countries have been added such as the United Kingdom and Lithuania. This now matches the offering of the Interrail pass!

However, you need to be aware of notable exclusions from both Interrail and Eurail which are:  Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. Other than that and what’s mentioned above, nearly every major European country is covered by both rail passes.

Before you go… 

Before you plan your latest adventure, where and when do you want to begin your trip? If you want to plan your trip on your own, you are more than welcome to do so. But this is something you need to consider.  Your pass will begin on the date you state when you buy the pass. Now, this also means you need to choose the right pass because it will expire so many days or months after the ‘valid from’ date. Again, this will all depend on which pass you have purchased. All passes have an expiration date, meaning you can’t use it after that date.

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Did you know…

Interrail and Eurail passes can be used on more than just trains! You can also use them on some buses or ferries, either free of charge or for a reduced amount! One of the many benefits of traveling with one of these passes throughout Europe. The opportunities are endless!

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