The Big One! (8 Week London Round-Trip)

The Big One! (8 Week London Round-Trip) From $4375.00

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Basically, this is the ultimate European vacation. An epic, eight-week tour across 19 cities of Europe, north to south, east to west, beginning and ending in the buzzing metropolis of modern-day London.

What stops are on this Eurail route? 


The people of Britain may not have a great reputation for being very friendly. But this doesn’t apply to London due to the diversity of fascinating people that live here. Londoners work hard, but play harder and that has resulted in a bustling nightlife across the city. Similar to New York, there is a rich theatre scene here in London, so be sure to attend at least one show while you’re here! Hopping on a red, double-decker bus is the best way to see the famous landmarks of London such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.


What’s a European vacation without stopping at the iconic City of Love, Paris. Perhaps more so than any of the other European cities on this Eurail package, Paris is synonymous with a wealth of world-famous features. From landmarks, cathedrals, and museums, to the Louvre museum, and Eiffel Tower. The strong café culture here offers the perfect place to do people watching while eating a pain au chocolat and sipping over a coffee


Situated in Catalonia Region on the Eastern Coast of Spain. Barcelona is a definitely a vibrant city, famed for its incredible architecture, quirky arts and delicious tapas. Forget everything you know about Barcelona and get ready to have a totally different and unique experience during this European vacation. The architectural treasures of Barcelona span more than 2000 years. With towering temple columns, subterranean stone corridors and ancient city walls offer a preview into Roman-era Barcino.


The capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera, Nice, which sits on the picturesque, pebbly shores of Baie des Anges (Bay of Angles). Situated at the foot of the Alps, Nice is the second-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast. No place in France compares to Nice, the real-city grit, vibrant street life and not to mention the stunning seaside location with year-round sunshine.

Cinque Terre

These five fishing villages hug the cliffs above the Mediterranean. Here, the lanes are narrow and family homes are clinging to the steep hillside. Clusters of colorful buildings wind around the rocky land. Known as the birthplace of Pesto, experience pizza and pasta unlike what you’ve had before. Cinque Terre has some scenic hiking trails which run between the five villages.


With your 8-week Eurail pass, you will be stopping off in the ancient town built on a lagoon. Venice has a collection of domes and spires rising out of the Adriatic Sea. Filled with life and stunning architecture. Venice is filled with bars, cafes, and restaurants where locals and travelers meet up to have a good time with food and a drink or two. Given that you’re visiting a city built on water, it is crucial that you take a gondola ride to go back in time and appreciate the rich beauty of this city.


Birthplace of the Renaissance! Visiting the undeniably, beautiful Tuscan paradise is a must when you have a Eurail pass. Straightaway you take in this compact city that’s packed with extraordinary art and architectural masterpieces. Another key point about Florence is that the fashion industry was born here. Homegrown fashion designer, Guccio Gucci (founder of the fashion house of Gucci), opened his first haute-couture boutique here in the 1920s. Shopping in the Tuscan capital has been stylish ever since! Quaint and romantic hidden spots are waiting to be discovered.


Capital of one of the world’s most powerful, ancient empires, Rome is a fascinating place to visit. A Eurail must see! In short, those breathtaking monuments and buildings, incredible artworks, the leisurely pace of life with world-renowned cuisine are why it’s worth a visit at least once. Although, it would take you a LIFETIME to explore all that the Eternal City has to offer. Be prepared to join in on the dolce vita lifestyle, where locals see everything through rose-tinted glasses, life is a never-ending vacation


Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Well, when you’re in Split, Diocletian’s Palace is a must-see, You might recognize it as home to the Mother of Dragons. Split will treat you with an easy and laid-back atmosphere. Allowing you to cool off from the usual busy city life. Stopping for strong, Croatian coffee is one of the best ways to soak up the city’s famous highlights on your Eurail journey!


Croatia is rapidly becoming one of the most popular European vacation destinations, so on your 8-week trip, you will also visit the capital. Zagreb is young and playful at heart. As well as having a vast amount of history that exists amongst the Old Town. At night, the city center comes alive and transforms into an open-air party. Unlike other European cities (i.e, Amsterdam and Paris), Zagreb is a city that is not instantly recognizable. For this reason, you can enjoy exploring and discovering local life. Without the added pressure of having to tick off those famous tourist sights.

Ljubljana/Lake Bled 

Every aspect of Ljubljana astounds more and more visitors every year. Otherwise known as the hidden gem in Europe, Ljubljana is renowned for green space, beautiful bridges, and buildings. As well as dozens of different urban design elements such as lamposts, pillars, and pyramids. This makes the city even more visually appealing! The city has a green soul and a sustainable vision of development. Culture is the way of life here!


Whenever you reach Budapest, remember that it’s nicknamed, ‘The City of Spas’ for a reason. It’s filled with beautiful baths, all with healing properties and not to mention, the stunning architecture surrounding them! The most important thing to remember is what the locals say, the past of this city is literally around every corner. During your time here, walk by different bullet holes from WWII and the 1956 Uprising. Not forgetting those poignant and famous shoes on the Danube memorial.


A unique and beautiful European vacation destination. Many say it’s a ‘Mini Prague’, however, Bratislava is very much its own metropolis. Everyone knows Prague and will visit when they’re in Europe, but very little people know about this hidden gem. The pocket-sized city is satisfying as you have the sense that you can discover everything in a matter of days.


On this 8-week European vacation, visit the city that charms and seduces travelers from the outset. Your love for Vienna will only intensify while you’re here. Even though you’re only going to be visiting for a short period of time there is definitely not a shortage of things to do while you’re visiting. All in all, Vienna is a city that will entice anyone who visits with glorious attractions, a range of world-class events, excellent public transport and city bike schemes. Not to mention the fantastic cafés, bars, street markets, and artisan shops!


Just want to point out, there may be many beautiful cities in Europe, but nothing compares to the beauty of the Old Town in Krakow. Take this city on by foot, as all of the main sights are within walking distance! Not to mention, all of the cobbled streets and squares, scenic parks and medieval castle walls are added extras, Thousands visit the city every year with the aim to visit the poignant Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, which is unquestionably the most important trip to do while you’re here.


Without a doubt, Prague, also known as, ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’ is one of the most stunning, magical and affordable cities in Europe. Those narrow streets open up onto glorious squares, acting as home to medieval-style homes and historical buildings that are waiting to be explored. To begin with, start in the center of the Old Town Square, which has been the city’s main marketplace for over a millennium. Also, it’s home to major sights such as Astronomical Clock, Town Hall, Týn Cathedral and Church of St Nicholas. Our top tip is to start your own wandering tour and see where it leads you.


Like New York, Berlin is a city that never sleeps! With this in mind, it is a city that has a wild nightlife. Otherwise known as the lotus-eaters of Germany, the locals here love nothing more than a good time. Berlin is a city that is celebrated for its creativity, freedom and, grungy and cool attitude. Every corner of this city tells it’s own story, especially because it was once part of a brutal dictatorship. While here, be sure to visit the defining symbol of the Cold War, The Berlin Wall.


In truth, we could give countless amounts of reasons as to why Amsterdam is a stop with nearly every European vacation. The capital of the Netherlands offers a truly unique experience for all types of travelers. Given that there are more bicycles than people in this city, the best way to explore it is in true Netherlands style, by bike! A lesser-known fact about Amsterdam is that it’s one of the smaller European cities. You will get a real feel for the people, neighborhoods, secrets, and sights! Overall, Amsterdam is rich in history, some of Europe’s best museums and galleries are located here. In addition to this, the nightlife here will not disappoint. Maybe you like a few cosmos or to dance the night away? Or why not see the Red Light District in all its glory?


Your European vacation will come to an end in Brussels. Although many people would be quick to judge Brussels for having a boring eurocrat reputation, this city has a lot of quirks. Without a doubt, Brussels is home to the best chocolates in the world and famous for junk food! You never know what you’re going to get while you’re here. As well as indulging in all the food, make your first stop the Grand Place or Grote Markt, This main square in the heart of the Old Town is a feast for the eyes! Additionally, on each side of the square, you’ll see the town hall and neighboring gothic guild halls.


London (4 Nights) – Paris (3 Nights) – Barcelona (4 Nights) – Nice (3 Nights) – Cinque Terre (2 Nights) – Venice (2 Nights) – Florence (3 Nights) – Rome (4 Nights) – Overnight Ferry (1 Night) Split (4 Nights) – Zagreb (2 Nights) – Ljubljana/Lake Bled (2 Nights) – Budapest (3 Nights) – Bratislava (2 Nights) – Vienna (2 Nights) – Krakow (3 Nights) – Prague (3 Nights) – Berlin (3 Nights) – Amsterdam (3 Nights) – Brussels (3 Nights) – London


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