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Interrailingpackages Trips take our clients across the European continent visiting a host of fantastic cities. Whether you’re an art lover, a sun lover, a history lover or an ANCIENT history lover there truly is something for everyone. We cover everywhere from Paris to Pompeii, Portugal to Poland and everywhere in between. Check out some of our most popular destinations below and see what they have to offer.

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One of the best destinations in Europe, Nice is sublime for any traveller. Situated on the picturesque South of France it’s an absolute gem of a place with plenty to see and do. A couple of days should be enough to see you right here and see all there is to see but it’s one place you will definitely want to return to. Basked in sunshine 300 days per year a trip here is something you won’t forget, be sure to take a trip to Monaco/Monte Carlo- 12euro on the bus its worth spending believe me.

Nice is trendy, cosmopolitan, chic and full of money. As it is situated beside the sea you can just picture the type of people who stay here. You’ve got it – flash and with cash. Now, backpackers aren’t known for frequenting the world’s most exclusive resorts, but with the right clothes and attitude, nobody will know you’re a budget traveller!

With wonderful courtyards, arches and endless passages, the old town of Bari is a joy to walk around. Passing countless restaurants and coffee shops just daring you to sit and relax taking in the wonderful Italian way of life Bari makes for a wonderful day stop with a host of Churches and Basilica’s for you to enjoy.

One of the most elegant of the Greek Islands, Corfu’s beautiful architecture stretches right though all it’s districts and is lined by a gorgeous sand coastline. The wonderful forts and Churches offer stunning views all over the town and Bay.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Greece without seeing the natural wonder of Santorini. Around the great caldera of Santoríni (Thíra), the land seems to rise up and engulf it. Huge cliffs loom above the deep blue sea, with nothing growing to soften the awesome views.

Like Kotor, the Greek Island of Mykonos can be enjoyed simply by a stroll through its beautiful streets. With lots of tour options available a visit to the Folklore Museum, Little Venice and the famous Windmills make Mykonos a glorious stop on the Adriatic coast.

The undisputed jewel in Montenegro’s crown is no longer Europe’s best kept secret. It’s sudden elevation to the cruise league has not dimmed the timeless delights of its cobled alleyways & piazza’s. Beautiful churches and the gorgeous town walls are surrounded by the hulking peaks around the mountainous terrain. Kotor is best appreciated by simply heading to the Old Town without a map and getting lost in the labrinthine of streets.

This western city of Ireland has a more or less mild climate all around the year making it a great tourist spot, having high footfalls all over the year. Galway gives you a great chance to visit the beautiful Connemara region as well as the famous Cliff’s of Moher. Galway city itself is a thriving University city with the beautiful Coastal Salthill just a stones throw outside the city.


Bologna is a historical city in Italy, and whilst well known among Italians it is less visited by tourists. Despite this it is famed for exquisite food, typical brick terracotta-roofed architecture and porticos, theatre and nightlife!

As well as this Bologna is considered the 2nd most beautiful Italian Cities (after Venice) by its Italian inhabitants and  has one of the largest and best preserved historic centres among Italian cities.

Bologna’s architecture is noted for its palette of terracotta reds, burnt oranges, and warm yellows, hence the name of Bologna la rossa (Bologna the red). The extensive town centre, characterised by miles of attractive covered walkways, known as “porticos,” is one of the best-preserved in Europe.

situated in Como (Province) in Lombardy, Lake Como is part of the Italian Lake District. It has been popular with visitors for many years for its combination of fresh air, water, mountains and good weather, it makes an excellent stop over in Italy.

Lake Como is pretty characteristic. It has a kind of flair and sense of history that tends to impress its visitors in a sense deeper than only from a touristic point of view. It has been appreciated for its beauty and uniqueness for ages, and even as early as the Roman Times. Its atmosphere and natural surroundings have been the inspiration for an important part of the creation of Naboo, in the Star Wars movies!

Belfast is located in the Northern part of Ireland and very close to the coastal area. This city unlike many other cities is not just known for its scenic beauty but is known for its balance between modern lifestyle along with the touch of nature. This city has moderate temperatures all over the year and is known for the huge number of tourist attractions. Belfast should surely be on your agenda if you are coming on a trip to Ireland. Here you can visit the world famous Titanic Quarter and take day trips to visit the Giants Causeway & Dark Hedges (Game Of Thrones)


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